Funny Race for kids’ development and entertainment

🎮 RMBGames has developed an incredible Fan Race game that is always on guard for your child's good mood and success in the process of learning about the world and the peculiarities of mathematics. With the help of the kids car racing game, children can be alone — to help them learn to count, identify objects, and group and sort them.

Game features

🧐 Numerous great games have a solid educational base. Fan Race is one of the best. Together with math racing games, little explorers will be able to explore the world of mathematics with the following capabilities:

  • Kids will be able to pick out their favorite car models and analyze them. 🚗
  • You can give them your favorite colors and thus repeat the colors of the rainbow. 🌈
  • With many types of wheels, it will be possible to stylize the car. 🤩

Do not forget that with the help of stickers, you can give the car originality!

The benefits of the game

The car racing kidsare needed not only for a great pastime! Here, children will create a racing car and then ride it and learn about the mechanics. However, the benefits of such fun are colossal:

  • Children will be able to understand the alphabet and learn how to count.
  • The game makes it easy to memorize rainbow colors and basic geometric shapes.
  • Such a game is also the development of fine motor skills.

📏 A specially designed game helps boys and girls to get to know the world of mathematics and science a little closer. It is the best foundation for future students and great fun and repetition of the learned material.

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