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Funny race – car game for kids

👩Many mothers have already tried to use this game as an advanced method for teaching children under the age of 3 years and older.
🏎️Fan kids car racing game can help the child to learn many interesting facts about basic principles of physics and mathematics also to define colours.

🚗This type of fun games in the car, will give an opportunity to the kid to spontaneously understand simple laws of geometry.
🎮Gameplay includes interactive levels with shapes, numbers, etc.

🤩Download the game and find out the great efficiency of the creative approach of teaching the children.
⚽There are no exhausting tasks. Only attractive and bright gameplay, which will help to boost the knowledge base of the kid.

Game features

🧮Math race is fun and joyful game that able to involve all cognitive abilities of the child without mental load. Simple and intuitive gameplay won’t confuse even the youngest children.

😛The kid will be fully captivated by fun kids car racing game for hours. It’s an opportunity for mothers to have some free time.

🌈The carefully planned design of the game will give the knowledge to the child in a friendly and absolutely clear manner.

There are some skills the child will get by playing the game:

  • Ability to solve tricky tasks 🧐;
  • Sense of personality 💪;
  • The knowledge about differences in colours 🟥, shapes 🔵 etc.

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