RMB Knowledge Park 2 — Keeping Your Kid Entertained and Educated

🎮 In games, new knowledge is learned much easier! That is why educational games for kids are a great way to make your child's learning process more fun and effective.

🙂 Knowledge Park 2 is an entertaining game for the general development of the child. It has various abc alphabet learning for attention and memory, logic and thinking, different coloring pages, puzzles, riddles, puzzles, and many other exciting tasks. And your favorite characters will always be there — the child will learn with them. This game will help to enrich the child's speech, broaden his horizons and prepare him well for school! Learning is fun and easy!

Features of the game

1️⃣ Many parents are worried about learning numbers for toddlers in a fun way. It's easy to do with Knowledge Park 2, and here the child will be able to:

  • 🅰️ Get to know the world of letters. The child will be able to learn the alphabet by visiting the most famous European countries online.
  • 🐻 Become a sorting master. This way, little girls and boys will learn to classify and compare light and heavy objects and distinguish between animals.
  • 🌎 Explore our big world. In a world of adventure, kids will master letters, numbers, clothing, sports equipment, and more!

The benefits of games

🔵 Entertaining tasks of learning numbers for kids will help the child master numbers, counting within 10, and forming basic mathematical concepts. Each match develops specific skills: navigate the approximate number of objects and count them, master addition and subtraction, place in ascending and descending order, and much more.

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