World of Sorting: The Best Interactive Game for Little Ones

😃 World of Sorting is an addicting online puzzle game with simple controls and bright colors. Shape sorter toy is the perfect game for toddlers, puzzle lovers who want to have fun and go through many levels of varying difficulty.

Special kid’s development

The game allows kids to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, have a little rest, and plunge into the world of colors for kids:

  • ⭐ The goal of the game is to sort all objects by color and shape.
  • ⭐The initial levels seem very easy, but then the task becomes more difficult.
  • ⭐As you progress through the levels, the variety of colors increases, so kids should be attentive, use logical thinking, calculate steps in advance, and not rush.

If something does not work out, you can try again and go through the desired level again.

Features of the game

The Sorting World offers many opportunities for fun and learning:

  • The game contains over 60 items that will help children from 1-year-old to learn everything about animals 🐻.
  • There are about ten levels here that allow you to remember more about the world around you 🌎.
  • A native speaker voices each level😋 .

🎮 This game helps the child learn English and learn more about shapes, learn color, and animals. So, the child will be able to develop comprehensively.

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