Download learning numbers - World of Numbers 1
Download learning numbers - World of Numbers 1

World of Numbers 1 - math activities for kindergarten

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📱These fun educational games consist of 12 fun learning mini-games, in which your children will learn to count by visiting:
• Funny Factory Pizza
• Foods STOP Heroes
• Funny Number Quiz
• Tasty treat

👉 Eating pizza is cool but it's even cooler to cook it!
In the "Funny Factory Pizza" it's up to your kids to decide what pizza they want to cook:
• Delicious Roddy Pizza
• Crazy Maxx Pizza
• Pretty Darry Pizza

👉 In the "Foods STOP Heroes" Your children will make their own orders of hamburgers, chicken and donuts.
👉 In The "Funny Number Quiz" your kids will select numbers in numerical order and quickly count them!
There's only one good way to learn - and it's to try!

❓These games will help your boys and girls learn to:
✅ count,
✅ identify groups of items,
✅ develop their motor skills,
✅ develop their thinking skill,
✅ develop their patience and build up their attention spans,
✅ and learn plenty of new words!

👶🏻These specially designed math games are perfect for children ages 1 and up, kindergartens and preschools. They will help develop babies’ and toddlers’ hearing skills, imagination, and fine motor skills!

Each title is voiced by a native speaker to help the child hear the correct pronunciation and learn new words.

We pride ourselves on no Ads! Your babies and toddlers can enjoy themselves without stress or time limits.

And most importantly – the kids will have fun while learning! Our games will entertain and educate them!

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