3D Substance painter for (Games / Apps)

You will learn how to create realistic character textures and game environments in Substance painter. Gather a portfolio and get the necessary base to start a career in game development. The course takes into account the latest updates to Substance painter.


7 months


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26 modules + 98 videos

Course content

Texturing skills.

You'll get

Substance Painter - is a specialized graphics application that provides the user with a wide range of tools for working with textures in 2D and 3D modeling: Real-time texture mapping. Work with textures is organized so that the user sees the result during their application.
During the training, you will learn how to create realistic textures of materials: metal, wood, fabric, leather, cardboard, glass, wax, rubber, plastic.


Average salary in the US per year

20 000 +

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Webinars and Practice

You will get

Who is this course for?

Beginners in 3D modeling

Beginners in 3D modeling Learn the Substance painter program like a pro. You will be able to texture 3D models and sell them on stocks at the beginning of your career.

3D modelers

Learn how to create realistic characters and game environments. You will be able to take on interesting projects in game development and earn more.

2D artists

Learn the features of texturing 3D objects. Learn to work faster in Substance painter. You will be able to develop in modeling.

What will you learn ?

Work with Substance Painter

Collect assets in game engines

Create labels and stickers in Photoshop

Texture Materials

Export textures to game engines

Create resumes and portfolios that will interest employers

Choose the right environment

Create resumes and portfolios that will interest employers

Promote and monetize your services

Practical Lab development from RMB Games Studio

Join the gamedev community RMB Games for free. You can:

  • Develop a game alone or in a team;
  • Complete tasks from real game studios;
  • Attend workshops and meet industry professionals;
  • Explore over 10,000 great content on GitHub.
  • Projects in the portfolio.
  • Relationships with representatives of the gaming industry.

The RMB Games community has over 100 members. Together they are developing 2D and 3D games right now. 10+ projects are ready and sold in different App Stores.

Let us help you GET A NEW JOB

You will receive individual support from an HR specialist. Together you will write a resume, prepare a portfolio and develop a career plan that will help you find a job faster. You can choose attractive vacancies and get priority over other applicants.

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    Our consultants control every step of the way to your career. They help to avoid mistakes and plan a professional path.

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