Junior Godot Engine Developer Job

You will master:

  • game engine Godot Engine and language C# or GDScript
  • learn how to develop mobile games or apps of different genres and build a portfolio

In 4 months you will go all the way to the Middle level and be able to get a job in a large studio

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy

Duration —

12 weeks, two times per week

★ 4,75 из 5

based on 43,696 course evaluations

10+ projects

in portfolio

140 companies

now looking for developers on Godot Engine


on real cases

Godot Engine — is one of the most popular and powerful engines. It is used for games of all genres - from shooters and fighting games to strategies and sports simulators

The engine is popular both among small indie studios and among developers of AAA projects. Therefore, there is a demand for Godot specialists in studios of various sizes

$100K +

Average salary of per year in the US

20 000 +

current job openings according to US Bureau of Labour Statistics

More than 50%

of games and apps for Mobile devices, Desktops and Consoles are created on Godot

Panoramik, Battlestate Games, My.Games

Companies you can apply for

Who is this course for?

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy

For those who want to get into GameDev

Master the Godot Engine, learn how to program in C# or GDScript. You will be able to develop 2D and 3D Games or Apps from scratch and start a career in your favorite field during your studies

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy

Junior developers on Godot Engine

Get a deeper understanding of C# or GDScript, learn design patterns and object-oriented programming, and be able to perform Middle-level tasks and increase your income

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy

Developers from other fields

Learn how to create games on the Godot Engine and understand the features of working in game development. You can change your specialization and become a sought-after game developer

What will you learn ?

Work with Godot Engine

Learn the engine interface and figure out how to create a project in the program - from initial setup to exporting a finished Game or App

Program in C# or GDScript and VisualScript

Master the two most important tools for working with Godot - the C# or GDScript programming language and the Visual Script language

Develop games or apps for Desktop, Android and iOS

You will understand the difference between the development of Games and Apps for smartphones and Desktops. You will be able to create Games or Apps for the most popular operating systems

Work with VR

Get to know the features of working in virtual reality. Create your first VR project

Use Godot in video production

Learn in detail how to work with lighting, animation, camera and effects to create vibrant CGI videos in the engine

Properly organize the workflow

Learn how to rationally distribute tasks in a team and increase your own productivity using the Kanban method

Practical Lab development from RMB Games Studio

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy

Join the gamedev community RMB Games for free. Benefits:

  • Develop a game alone or in a team;
  • Complete tasks from real game studios and get constructive feedback;
  • Attend workshops and meet industry professionals;
  • Explore over 10,000 great content on GitHub;
  • Build your professional portfolio;
  • Build relationships with representatives of the gaming industry

The RMB Games community has over 100 members. Together they are developing 2D and 3D games right now. 10+ projects are ready and sold in different App Stores

Let us help you GET A NEW JOB

You will receive individual support from an HR specialist. Together you will write a resume, prepare a portfolio and develop a career plan that will help you find a job faster. You can choose attractive vacancies and get priority over other applicants

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy
"RMB Games - Educational Academy" clients already employed in 2021
of our clients find job during the first month after course completion
of our client finally get their job

Why are we confident in your employment?

  • Determine the needs of the market

    We carefully analyze the professions in which we help with employment: we interview specialists, evaluate vacancies, the need for candidates and the availability of the profession for beginners

  • We provide quality knowledge

    We help you gain the skills you need here and now. All speakers are practitioners, and their knowledge is in demand in the market

  • Support at the start of a career

    Our consultants control every step of the way to your career. They help to avoid mistakes and plan a professional path


Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy
Yuliya Ilyaeva
Development Director at Team of Dream

Candidates from RMB Games are always highly motivated, so we are happy to invite them for internships and job offers. For several times, we have accepted participants in the Profession Event Manager course for junior positions

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy
Maxim Zubtsov
Chief Marketing Officer at Cherokie

RMB Games - Educational Academy select candidates with burning eyes and a desire to develop. For example, the head of our SEO department was once a newbie whom we met through the RMB Games Studio Career Center

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy
Dmitry Grinyuk

Excellent course. I began to understand the program quite well, write code and, accordingly, read it. It's great that in addition to Unity, there is an opportunity to learn 3D modeling in the Blender program, as well as the C# language itself

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy
Roman Galanzha

I liked the Unity course and the teacher Eugene. Very cool spec. Before buying courses, I attended his webinar and it went straight to me)

Junior Godot Engine Development - RMB Games - Educational Academy
Polina Smolnikova

When I bought the course, I knew for sure that I wanted to create games. Learning on the platform is difficult, but very interesting! Each video of the course carries potential development in many directions. And the support of the guys and the accompaniment of the curators is great!

There is communication, solving complex problems, playing, opportunities to learn and develop in a team. What could be better? I'm glad I chose this path

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