Funny Race — Entertaining and Educating Kids

🚗 With the help of a new bright counting cars game, kids will be able to dive into the world of mathematics and logic! With this game, you need to ride a car on the track with any characters and learn something new.

Features of the game

😆 With the new math game, little girls and boys will practice quantitative counting and test their knowledge of the world around them! At each game level, they will see a colorful picture on which they need to calculate something.

🚕 An educational game for toddlers is designed for children who learn to count. These car games for 4 year olds help to memorize numbers faster and allow the child to understand counting.

How to play

So that kids can quickly start playing, the car game for child game was created as clear and vivid as possible:

  • First, the toddlers need to choose a car from 8 different models.
  • Then the child can paint it in their favorite colors.
  • Kids can choose from other types of wheels.
  • They can also decorate their vehicles with awesome stickers.

😀 With this game, babies can develop motor skills, improve memory and understanding of logic and mathematics. Young children and preschoolers are interested in everything new, bright, interactive. Fun and valuable games will not only entertain the child but also develop his logic.

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