Help / FAQ

We would like to tell you about the interesting process of creating educational games for children so you will have a better idea of the hard work that we put into each game:

  1. It starts with searching and designing the ideas for our own certified methodology of teaching children from 1 year and older. For example, a game may contain at least 12 levels. As soon as creating the design for the idea is completed, the next stage may begin.
  2. The stage of creating sketches is a great way to quickly try different options for each illustration in the game. This gives us a better idea for the visual images in the children's game.
  3. As soon as the sketches are approved, we proceed with the search for an artist. We approach the choice of style for the future game with particular significance as we know how important the balance between education and pleasure is for a game for children from 1 year old.
  4. Meanwhile, the composer creates a melody based on the idea for the future game. Both the game and the artist's illustrations serve as a source of inspiration for creating music.
  5. Then, we translate our educational games for children into other languages.
  6. Once all the steps are completed, it is important to see how the game looks on a device. You need to check all the texts, pictures, animations, sound effects, voice-overs, glitches, and so on. Our professionals (programmers and testers) do this.
  7. Only after successful testing, we release our educational games for children. This whole process can take from two to six months. This is a very interesting journey and we love what we do!

How long does it take to consider an answer to a vacancy?

We respond within seven business days.  Even if there is no suitable position now, we will save your resume in our database and return to it as soon as new opportunities appear.

Do you have requirements in solving test tasks?

For some vacancies, an unpaid test task is provided.  This is necessary for assessing skills.  It consists of the typical tasks that a specialist in our company faces.

How is your distant work organized?

We have a distributed team and we use convenient online tools for communication.

In distant employees, we appreciate a responsible approach, focus on results and abidance to deadlines.  For communication, we use video calling.

Where else can I get information about the company?

In publications in the media and in our accounts on social networks: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, VK or LinkedIn.