RMB Knowledge Park 2: The Best Way to Learn Numbers and Colors

😃 The new entertaining numbers game for children, RMB Knowledge Park 2, invites children to get acquainted with numbers and colors! Now every child can quickly learn to count, even if he does not go to school yet. And all this is thanks to a new game that allows you to play and learn simultaneously.

Characteristics of the game

🎮 RMB Knowledge Park 2 will be a good game for both toddlers from 1 year old and preschoolers. Every child will get a chance to develop their skills here. The beauty of the game is that there are multiple rewarding levels and that these levels are voiced by a native speaker so that kids can learn the language better. In the game, children discover:

  • Foundations of Mathematics. 📏
  • Basic letters of the alphabet. 💌
  • Primary colours for kids to learn and numbers. 🌈
  • Learn to distinguish between heavy and light objects. 🏋️

Why choose online games

😋 Complete tasks from RMB Knowledge Park 2 — it's entertaining and helpful! Kids can devote very little time to doing exercises and assignments online (10-20 minutes a day), and the knowledge and skills gained will be helpful to the baby. RMB Knowledge Park 2 is a modern game, and it is the best preparation for school during alphabet learning because there are countless exciting tasks and educational activities.

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