Smart Wheel & Train: Developing Logical Thinking

🎮 Smart Wheel & Train is a new game that helps kids develop in a fun way! What else can you dream of? Children learn shapes name for kids, and new things while having fun in different attractions. The game was created specifically to help parents who think about their children's future and understand the importance of developing the child's imagination and creative thinking.

What the game offers

Children can have fun playing on the following attractions:

  • Smart Ferris wheel. 🎡
  • A high-speed train. 🚆
  • An entertaining carousel with animal figures. 🎠

😍 The beauty of the game is that each of the rides offers several levels. Here you can learn alphabet numbers shapes colors, as well as train your memory in memorizing colors.

What are the tasks, and how are they useful?

With this game, you can complete various tasks:

  • Children should be quick to notice the numbers that appear.
  • Girls and boys should sort the shape color according to their silhouettes.
  • It is also necessary to arrange the numbers and letters in their correct places.

😃 Entertaining games will help parents prepare their children for school in a playful way. These games are distinguished by a simple, intuitive interface, bright, colorful design, and elementary activities suitable for children 2 to 4 years old. A child who will soon turn three or have already turned three will enjoy solving simple problems.

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