World of Alphabet 1: The Most Valuable Entertainment for Kid

😋 An exciting game for preschoolers, Alphabet World, is a unique opportunity to give your child the opportunity to learn essential letters quickly. It is the first step towards mastering new words and learning to speak correctly. The abc123 games have a bright interface and many levels — it will be fun for toddlers and preschoolers!

The uniqueness of the game

😃 The game for learning alphabet for toddlers offers many levels — 20 special steps on the way to complete mastery of the alphabet! Five unique locations will make the learning process easier and more fun:

  • Exciting cross-country skiing. Here, the child will be able to ski and put ABCs in order and search for the correct letters of the alphabet.
  • A day at the photo studio with pets.
  • Fun fishing. Here, girls and boys will collect letter envelopes from cute ducks.
  • Photo session with wild animals.
  • Magic beach. On the beach, children can relax and solve a couple of puzzles.

What is the usefulness?

🧐 The game is a fantastic tool for understanding the world, physical development, and the development of logic. The games are small but exciting and entertaining games that help children spend their free time fun and engaging — in addition, developing and training beneficial qualities and abilities, such as attention, memory, erudition, logical thinking.

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