World of Alphabet 1

Download alphabet for preschoolers - World of Alphabet 1
World of Alphabet 1 – alphabet for preschoolers

Playing games can be beneficial. Sometimes it can be difficult to involve the child age 1-6 years old in the studying process.

🎓🔠 To create an interesting and effective educational program that won’t make the child tired during the learning time even harder. ABC alphabets game solves two these problems simultaneously.

🏫🤘ABC kid game was created by professionals in the sphere of children’s education and very experienced graphic designers.
There are many interactive levels, that will help the kid to learn letters.

🌎📗World of knowledge can be fun. Each minute spent on the game will be turned into an amazing and wonderful trip through bright levels with high-quality sound, beautiful backgrounds, and very informative quests.
The child won’t be overwhelmed with unclear rules and hard tasks.

How the ABC kid game works?

🕹️🅰️By playing the ABC kid game, the child will be able to learn any letter of the alphabet, spontaneously, avoiding mental pressure.

Educational game for the kid is:

  • Joyful 🤣;
  • Useful 😍;
  • Interesting 🤔.

🎮”RMB Games” studio will help you to make the child ages 1-6 years old more aware of some important basics of the language without using the books.

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