World of Alphabet 2: Exciting ABC Learning

😃 Alphabet World 2 presents the best abc games for 3 year olds, where you can teach your child everything he needs to know before going to school! Moreover, these games are also suitable for schoolchildren so that they repeat what they have learned.

Game attributes

This game is colorful, interactive, and educational. This energizing game has nine levels. Each of the levels offers many challenges and exciting puzzles. Children will travel to the most famous cities in Europe. Also, children will be able to play mini-games:

  • Smart builder. Children will look for old buildings and build new ones, choosing the correct kids abc for this 🏗️.
  • Sunny day. Children will walk around Paris and learn new abc for toddlers 😍.
  • An exciting walk 🚶.

Why do kids love these games?

😋 Children are constantly looking for universal winning moves during the games and remember to use them against an opponent. Other fun offers to play in search of objects, matches, pairs, and differences. Puzzles have also become classics of gameplay, and many exciting versions have been created. Classic puzzles keep the mind working to find the answer. Children can learn to write, count, recognize sounds, colors, names, and shapes.

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