World of Alphabet 2 — Learn ABC & Discover World with Games

🌎 The World of the Alphabet is a great chance to show children that you can learn with games and have a lot of fun! Such games will be helpful for children from 1-year-old and preschoolers.
This game consists of 9 levels. At each of the games with letters, kids will learn new letters and travel with their best friends around the cities of Europe.

Game features

The game offers exciting possibilities as the best fun way to learn alphabet:

  • 🤩 The Smart Builder game allows your child to train motor skills and thinking. Here he needs to demolish buildings and create new ones. The kid should do it with the help of a ball, which must hit certain letters.
  • 😆 The game Sunny Day introduces the kid to beautiful Paris. In the capital of France, the character that the child is playing with, heats up from the sun and uses his super ice cream to cool off by shooting letters.
  • 😁 The Fascinating Walk allows you to relax a bit and stroll along the beautiful alleys of Europe. In any weather, little boys and girls can learn letters and new words.

The benefits of the game

🐶 Different types of abcs for kids help speed up the memorization of letters, study the names of animals, develop imagination and associative thinking, and contribute to the development of skills in composing words. Vivid colors, original designs, and expressive voice-over pronunciation make letter memorization easier and fun to learn.

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