World of Alphabet 1 — the Best Development Game for Kids

🔤 RMBGames has created this prominent kids abc game for little ones to help them dive into the world of letters and melodies — World of Alphabet. There are 20 levels where they can learn different skills. With the help of 5 exciting games, they can attend fun activities and choose a hobby:

  • Experience exciting cross-country skiing 🎿.
  • Go fishing with their favorite characters 🎣.
  • Go to a photo session 📷.
  • Play with animals 🐻.

On skiing races, the child will enjoy the beautiful slopes with the abc song and search for the letters at the same time. If the child chooses fishing, then fish with envelopes and letters inside will be waiting for him. They will help you compose a new word.

Why is this game so valuable?

With the help of developmental activities, each child will develop comprehensively:

  • Toddlers can comprehend new abc letters and words 🔤.
  • Children learn the basics of the alphabet 🅰️.
  • Fine motor skills and concentration will constantly develop 💪.

😋 The World of the Alphabet is a fun activity that will help kids get to know the letters. Many colors and exciting plots of the game will make this journey with their favorite characters unforgettable! This game is a great chance to rekindle a spark of talent in a child.

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