World of Shapes — Helping Toddlers to Differentiate Shapes and Colors

😋 The World of Shapes is a game with exceptional levels that will become an indispensable assistant when introducing a kid to the bright world of colors and shades. The game contains the simplest games for learning primary colors, which will teach baby first words colors and shapes and help consolidate the knowledge gained with the help of fun tasks.

Why is it worth playing the World of Figures

This game has many advantages:

  • It will help children learn basic shapes and colors 🔴.
  • Here children can learn to count objects 🧮.
  • Little girls and boys learn to sort the shapes in the correct order 😍.

Such a game will help to develop concentration of attention and also trains perseverance.

The delights of the game

🎮 Fun game assignments will introduce the child to the names of geometric shapes, help remember how each figure looks, and teach how to distinguish them from each other. So that new knowledge is easily assimilated, and the child does not have confusion, start learning from one form, and only after the child remembers it well, start studying the next one. The shape games are perfect even for those kids who can't read because all tasks are voiced in a pleasant voice.

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