World of Sorting: Helping Kid to Dive into the Universe of Shapes

😋 New interactive baby shape sorter from the best kids’ game developers combines fun activities for toddlers, namely ten exciting mini-games! Sorting games for children will help teach your kid to distinguish and group objects according to specific criteria.

Delights of games

Together with their favorite characters, each toddler will be able to play a variety of games:

  • Game Smart Zoologists. Here a little boy or girl will learn to sort terrestrial, aquatic animals and birds according to their habitat and color with the help of an exciting game. In the colour sorting game, children will also be able to learn new colors by sorting people in the park by the color of their clothes 🐻.
  • Game Catch and cook. Here the child will have to catch much fish to sort all his catch later. Children will also need to see a lot of colored eggs from beautiful chickens to decompose them into colors later 🐟.

Why is it essential to play sorting games?

🧐 One of the most important skills a child must learn is sorting. The ability to classify, look for common signs and differences will become the basis for the further education of babies. The toys sorter will direct kids to develop attention, memory, logical thinking, color perception, and a variety of creative tasks.

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