Download animals matching game for kids - Adventure World
Download animals matching game for kids - Adventure World

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📱In this adventure shape sorting game, your child will enjoy playing with familiar characters and participate in educational content without time constraints or stress, with games such as:

  • “Smart Hockey”, “Favorite soccer”, “Funny beach football” as they’re introduced to numbers, letters, colors, and shapes;
  • “Fast Train”, where children will put animals in railway carriages and take them to the zoo;
  • And the game "Amazing Fitting Room" where they will properly dress up the characters.

The minigames “Smart Hockey”, “Favorite soccer”, “Funny Beach Football” are classic team games, but instead of the puck or ball: letters, numbers and figures are used. Your child is surrounded by beautiful winter, beach and summer landscapes. The purpose of the game: to score points into the opponent’s goal with correct answers!

In the game “Fast Train”, your child will put their favorite characters onto railway carriages in the correct order, then enjoy as the train embarks on a fabulous journey!

In the game “Amazing Fitting Room”, your child, together with their favorite characters, will go to various places where they will choose the right clothes so that the characters can:

  • become a cook or doctor,
  • go ice skating or skiing,
  • play football or tennis,
  • catch fish or swim in the ocean,
  • or take a walk in the rain.

This game will help your little boys and girls

✅ learn numbers, letters and new words,
✅ study basic items of clothing, colors and shapes,
✅ develop reaction and motor skills,
✅ and learn to identify groups of objects and sort them.

Each level is voiced by a native speaker to help the kids hear and learn the correct and accurate pronunciations of words and titles.

🔝It is extremely useful for children ages 1 year and above, for kindergartens and preschool institutions.

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