Download music games for kids - Musical Adventures
Download music games for kids - Musical Adventures

Musical Adventures - Kids Dance Games

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📱This a fun musical education game for preschoolers, with more than 25 popular famous songs different musical genres!
Musical Adventures is the enthralling journey of our favorite hero, accompanied by well-known, original melodies across different genres and musical styles!
During gameplay, your child will enjoy playing:
• Among the snowy mountaintops,
• On a sandy beach,
• In a blooming green forest,
• And in a gorgeous city at night.
And your child will be joined by world famous, adored, and hilarious characters, who will help them collect musical notes, stars, instruments and dance mats for kids, plus smart shapes! They'll also help them overcome the obstacles on their way to the goal, simultaneously performing different jumps and body rotations!

❓This game will help your little boys and girls:
✅Develop their musical hearing and imagination,
✅Develop their motor and attention skills,
✅Learn the sounds of various instruments,
✅Learn the different genres of music,
✅And so much more!

👶🏻Designed for children ages 1 and up, kindergartens and preschools, it will help develop babies’ and toddlers’ hearing skills, imagination, and fine motor skills!

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And most importantly – the kids will have fun while learning! Our games will entertain and educate them!

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