Download kids games - RMB Knowledge park 3
Download kids games - RMB Knowledge park 3

RMB Knowledge Park 3 - game for babies

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❗️ Each level is voiced by a native speaker to help the child hear the correct pronunciation and learn new words.
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📱We’re happy to present game for babies, a brand-new children’s game from RMB Games.
This fun game designed for children ages 1 and up invites them to the amusement park Moscow – in which children will strengthen their knowledge and develop their hearing skills, imagination, and fine motor skills, by playing their favorite games:
• Funny Race
• Smart Wheel & Train
• Musical Adventures

👉 In the kids car race "Funny Race", your child will get to ride their favorite cars! They’ll have heaps of fun creating their own unique cars for the race, driving faster than lightning, and overcoming obstacles on the road!

• Select a vehicle from 8 different models;
• Paint it in your favorite colors;
• Choose from the various kinds of wheels;
• Decorate with cute stickers;

• Ride through 23 fun-filled levels
• Drive in different landscapes
• Overcome obstacles on the road
• Jump on trampolines
• Collect stars, shapes and numbers while racing
• At the end of each race the winner gets prizes.

👉 The fun "Smart Wheel & Train" game invites your children to strengthen their knowledge, by having fun on their favorite ride!
• Smart Ferris wheel
• Fast train
• Fun carousel, featuring tons of quirky animal figures!
Each ride features 3 levels: Numbers, Letters, and Shapes of different colors.
Each level features easy and constructive activities:
• Quickly notice the appearing silhouettes and outlines;
• Arrange the shapes according to their silhouette;
• Sort numbers and letters into their correct places

👉 The "Musical Adventures" game is an enthralling journey, where your child gets to know a whole world of original melodies across different genres and musical styles!
During gameplay, your child will enjoy playing:
• Among the snowy mountaintops,
• On a sandy beach,
• In a blooming green forest,
• And in a gorgeous city at night.
And your child will be joined by world famous characters, who will help them collect musical notes, stars, instruments and overcome obstacles on their way to the goal!

❓The game will help your Boys and Girls:
✅ Learn 123 numbers and the alphabet,
✅ Study basic colors and shapes,
✅ Develop their attention span and visual memory,
✅ Learn the sounds of various instruments,
✅ Distinguish the correct rhythm and beats to music,
✅ Learn the different genres of music.
And so much more!

Each level is voiced by a native speaker to help your child listen to the correct pronunciation of letters, numbers, and shapes.

We pride ourselves on no Ads! The kids will have fun while learning!
Our games will entertain and educate them!

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