Download learn colors for kids - World of Coloring
Download learn colors for kids - World of Coloring

World of Coloring - colouring pictures for kids

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📱Welcome to the creative coloring pictures for kids, World of Coloring - these new educational games will easily introduce your kids to colors and sounds!

This fun, bright, musical coloring game consists of 12 educational mini-games in which your child will visit the Zoo with 3 themed areas of animals which inhabit:
• In water
• On the land
• In the air

As soon as the picture is drawn, each character magically comes to life.
Children can:
• play with their own drawings,
• save their pictures in the gallery,
• share with friends.

❓This best game will help your boys and girls:
✅ explore the primary colors,
✅ develop new talents,
✅ develop creativity,
✅ develop motor skills, --All on their own!

Simple and intuitive tools for coloring will make their first acquaintance with different colors easy and fun, entertaining your child with fascinating sounds of the environment, amazing sound effects and funny animation.

👶🏻Designed for children ages 1 and up, kindergartens and preschools, it will help develop babies’ and toddlers’ hearing skills, imagination, and fine motor skills!

We pride ourselves on no Ads! Your babies and toddlers can enjoy themselves without stress or time limits.

And most importantly – the kids will have fun while learning! Our games will entertain and educate them!

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