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Adventure World – animals matching game for kids

👪All people and especially children like playing games. An interesting gameplay can captivate a child for hours, so there is an obvious opportunity to try to implement special methods for the education of younger children by giving them to play interactive games. Animal games for kids made by «Rmbgames» studio are the perfect solution to create a good and interesting atmosphere for learning, that not only will be effective but also very easy and not exhausting.

The benefits of playing interactive games

🌍Adventure World has over 15 levels and 50 tasks for kindergartens and preschool institutions. Children learn a lot about the world and the basics of everyday life. For example, animal puzzle game can help the child to:

  • Understand how to count 🧮;
  • Sort things by their shapes 🔵, animals 🐱, fruits 🍏 and vegetables 🍅;
  • Develop reaction and motor skills ⚡;
  • Learn numbers 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣, letters 🅰🅱️ and new words;
  • Learn colours 🌈 etc.

🎮«Rmbgames» is an expert in the sphere of interactive learning. We make our games bright, with intuitive interfaces to maximally simplify the self-studying process of the child.

📖Our games can give your kid a large amount of knowledge in a playful way, so each moment of education will be fun.

⭐Try our best games as a hape shape sorter and discover for yourself advanced hands-off approaches for child education.

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