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😆 Funny Race is a great game specially made for young children. Many parents dreamed of such maths car games, and those who have already shown it to their child are convinced of how advanced it is to teach children aged three and older.

What are the features of the game?

🏎 Funny Race is a unique game that tells about the world while presenting many levels to complete. The car games for toddlers help a lot:

  • Children will be able to learn many interesting facts about the basic principles of physics and mathematics and identify colors.
  • With this game, the kid can spontaneously understand the simple laws of geometry.
  • Interactive figures and objects are involved in the gambling process. It will help the child to develop small movements.

Fun educational games

😋 Kids are already beginning to make their first conclusions, establish a relationship between the picture and the object's name, and for the first time learn the feeling of beauty through aesthetic development. Playing racing games for toddlers, children study with pleasure, completely immerse themselves in the learning process, and achieve results. Each assignment is voiced for children under six who had not yet learned to read. If the tasks are completed correctly, children receive cups and medals.

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