Online game Adventure World

🌈 Online games for toddlers will help you learn the names of colors and shapes in the best way. Interactive applications will introduce you to the worlds of numbers, animals and music. Animal games for baby makes it easy to combine fun and learning.

What is special about these games?

🎮 RMB Games is filled with vibrant colors, interesting characters and dynamic sounds. With the help of puzzle for 3 year old you can teach your kid:

  • count simple numbers;
  • distinguish between figures;
  • learn the names of subjects;
  • develop fine motor skills.

🔤 A good opportunity to learn English words better. The game is accompanied by competent and clear voice acting, which teaches the child to use foreign words from an early age. Thus, you can create an excellent base for further education in school.

What games are on the platform?

🐈 The application uses bright, cartoon characters that attract attention. With their help, you can sort alphabetically and go on an exciting journey into the world of letters.

🌟 The land of numbers is filled with signs, symbols, and exciting adventures. The game form makes it easy to understand the principles of addition and subtraction. The increasing level of difficulty makes classes fun and accessible for everyone.

😋 Coloring pages will help you find out the name of the flowers, how they are obtained. The application perfectly develops imagination and creativity.

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