RMB Knowledge Park 1: Learning New Numbers and Letters

🐻 The beautiful city of San Francisco welcomes little girls and boys! In a new exciting game, children can visit the coast by the ocean, mountains, forests, learn new things in museums, and have fun eating ice cream. Numerous parents want to know how to teach numbers to kids — it is easy with RMB Knowledge Park 1.

The essence of the game

🎮 RMB Knowledge Park 1 is a game where children can strengthen their knowledge or learn something valuable and new. The amusement park offers four areas for learning numbers and letters:

  • A world of numbers, where kids can learn new numbers. 🔢
  • The world of coloring, where children can train their memory for colors. 🎨
  • The world is an alphabet, where toddlers can learn unknown letters. 🔤
  • A world of forms, where kids learn how to sort objects. 🔴

The uniqueness of Knowledge Park

😋 The game with baby songs ABC 123 colors and shapes was created with many exciting mini-games, especially for children interested in everything around them and getting acquainted with the virtual world. Kids will be able to find all the most uncomplicated but exciting games aimed at developing essential qualities. Some thematic zones will create logic and memory, while others will help thinking and imagination, while others will help study colors, numbers, shapes, and sizes, sounds of animals.

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