Download math games for kindergartners - RMB Knowledge park 1
Download math games for kindergartners - RMB Knowledge park 1

RMB Knowledge Park 1 - The numbers game & ABC alphabet

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πŸ” These games are very useful for babies from 1 year and older, for kindergartens and preschool institutions.

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πŸ“±Welcome to the new adventure educational game for children from 1 year old and older, together with funny heroes loved by the whole world - Fluffy Chick, Glamorous Kitty, Cool Panda, Clever Heron, Funny Pig, Friendly Dog, Cute Rabbit !

Friends, join us and we will go to the theme park in the beautiful city of San Francisco by the ocean, mountains, and forests; with many museums, sweets, and ice cream.

Guys, could you help the heroes solve different puzzles by visiting a fun educational park with 4 exciting themed zones:

πŸ‘‰ In the numbers game "World of Numbers 1", your child will play 12 exciting educational levels together with funny characters to learn (learn 123) how to count.
There are many different places for interesting learning:

  • "Funny Factory Pizza", where your child will independently choose the ingredients and decide which pizza he wants to cook
  • "Foods Heroes", where your child will independently place orders for hamburgers, chicken, donuts, and treats for his friends
  • "Funny Number Quiz", where your child selects the correct number in numerical order and quickly counts further

πŸ‘‰ In the "World of Coloring", the child will play 12 exciting creative levels together with funny characters to easily get acquainted with colors and sounds as well as:

  • play with their own drawings
  • save the photo in the gallery or share it with friends

πŸ‘‰In the "World of Alphabet 1", the toddler will play 15 exciting educational levels that will easily introduce him to letters, new words together with funny characters to visit and compete in:

  • "Extreme Ski Race", where they will slide down a steep and beautiful slope, quickly find the correct letter of the alphabet and try to win this race!
  • "Funny fishing", where cute ducks swim with letters in envelopes, from which you need to make a word and quickly assemble puzzles;
  • "Magic Beach" - children will solve several puzzles from cards that depict letters and various fruits, vegetables, animals, insects;
  • "Interesting Photoshoot" in nature with pets and wild animals.

πŸ‘‰ In the "World of Shapes", the baby will play in 12 exciting levels and will easily get acquainted with colors, shapes, sizes and, together with funny characters, will visit:

  • Ice Cream Museum
  • Candy Museum
  • Dino Museum
  • Toys Museum
  • Funny Smiling Shapes
  • Space Photoshoot
  • Funny Running on Mud

❓This app will help your little boys and girls:

βœ… learn counting
βœ… learn how to identify groups of objects and sort them
βœ… learn their ABCs alphabet and new words
βœ… learn how to make simple words
βœ… study the basic colors and shapes
βœ… develop new talents, creativity, and motor skills

We pride ourselves on no Ads! Your babies and toddlers can enjoy themselves without stress or time limits.

And most importantly – the kids will have fun while learning! Our games will entertain and educate them!

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