RMB Knowledge Park — The Most Effective Way to Develop Kids’ Skills

🎮 RMBGames invites you to play a unique game for kids — Knowledge Park. It helps kids develop from any age and to introduce numbers for children — it will be interesting to play for both children from 1-year-old and older students.

🧒 Here little girls and boys can discover a new world with new characters. Fluffy Chicken, Clever Heron, and many other favorite animals will teach your favorite child how to count, recognize shapes, sort them and sort out colors.

The plot of the game

🔤 With the help of the ABC kids’ games, which have a sizeable educational base, minor players will dive into the features of the summer and warmest city of San Francisco:

  • 🗻 Here kids will get to know the oceans, mountains, and forests. They will learn to love and appreciate nature.
  • 🌈 With the help of puzzles, they will be able to visit a fun park with different zones: numbers, coloring pages, alphabet.
  • 🏭 At the pizza factory, the child will be able to practice cooking on their own.
  • 1️⃣ In a quiz with numbers, the kid will try to choose the correct number in numerical order and learn to count quickly.

Why is it beneficial to play games like this?

🤩 Little boys and girls not only play and have fun! They also learn and experience the world:

  • With the help of learning colours for kids, they develop hearing and memory.
  • With number games, they learn to count.
  • They define groups of objects and understand how to sort them.

⭐ By playing these games, children get rid of stress and learn something new every second! The new world is full of surprises, and this game is ready to help you discover them.

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