World of Numbers 1 — Discovering the Universe of Figures

📏 One of the main advantages of math is the development of logical thinking, which can be interesting. It is enough to try fun math games for kindergarten, and it will be difficult to break away from them, if only because of a passion for new fun for themselves from the World of Numbers 1.

What the game offers

🤓 Here you can find games for every taste, from simple arithmetic for the smallest toddlers to complex ones that may interest pre-schoolers. One way or another, easy math games for kindergarten allow kids to relax after kindergarten/lessons, so they are perfect as an evening unloading.

Features of the game:

  • There are 12 mini-games here 😀.
  • Each game offers different locations 😆.
  • You can learn to count and bake pizza at the same time 🍕!
  • You can solve a quiz with your favorite characters 🤩.


🧮 The most significant advantage of baby math is the game's interactivity. It can visually show how numbers are added and subtracted, divided and multiplied, and show fractions as clearly as possible. The fun of the math section can tighten even those who have an utterly humanitarian mindset and do not like mathematics as a science.

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