Smart Wheel & Train: Developing Logical Thinking
23 November 2021

Smart Wheel & Train is a new game that helps kids develop in a fun way! What else can you dream of? Children learn shapes name for kids, and new things while having fun in different attractions.

RMB Knowledge Park 3: The Best Car Games for Little Ones
23 November 2021

Training memory, perception, imagination, the formation of concepts is significant even in the early years. The best games RMB Knowledge Park 3 and its fun car games help form a reflection of the surrounding environment, perform logical operations on various images, and train thinking and creative thinking.

RMB Knowledge Park 2: The Best Way to Learn Numbers and Colors
23 November 2021

The new entertaining numbers game for children, RMB Knowledge Park 2, invites children to get acquainted with numbers and colors! Now every child can quickly learn to count, even if he does not go to school yet. And all this is thanks to a new game that allows you to play and learn simultaneously.

RMB Knowledge Park 1: Learning New Numbers and Letters
23 November 2021

The beautiful city of San Francisco welcomes little girls and boys! In a new exciting game, children can visit the coast by the ocean, mountains, forests, learn new things in museums, and have fun eating ice cream. Numerous parents want to know how to teach numbers to kids — it is easy with RMB Knowledge Park 1.

Musical Adventures — Unique World of New Knowledge
17 November 2021

Musical Adventures are new interesting entertainment for a child! There are many new songs and tunes in each baby racing game that will help your child learn unique new things that will come in handy in life.